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CUHOW | NYC | Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Update: 3.13.20

CUHOW Friends & Family,


As many of you know our country is facing some difficult times with the news of the coronavirus. As the church I think this is an opportunity for the church to shine our light bright. Pastor Lisa and I have been meeting with the church leaders to discuss what to do in response to the news that we would not be able access the school this weekend.  In this time of crisis and fear we believe it is necessary more than ever for us to come together as a church and love our neighbors. That is why we are committed to still gather despite the obstacles. We believe it is God's perfect love that casts out all fear and our city is in need of that love. 


We are also glad to announce that we have found a viable solution, but it will take each of us all coming together in faith and obedience to God as his chosen people to make this possible.



Freedom In God Ministries have so graciously allowed us to use their space this Sunday in the afternoon. So what this means for us is this:


SUNDAY 3.15.20 our time and location has changed.


TIME: 3:00PM


DREAM TEAM ARRIVAL: 2:00PM (for setup)



We have also made the decision to postpone Heart 2 Give Day. So H2G will be postponed for next week 3.22.20, however we're extending it for a week for anyone that can't make it to service.  So our HEART 2 GIVE "DAY" will be HEART 2 GIVE "WEEK". From 3.22 - 3.29.  For this Sunday we believe it's the time to postpone raising funds and focus on raising our faith.




1. Firstly, we ask that you to be prayerful. Pray and connect with our father regarding the state of our city and anyone affected by this virus, as well as the impact it's having to many around us.   Also, pray for our church community as we continue to seek God in making the right decisions for our CUHOW.

2. Secondly, we ask that you be available. Each of you plays a vital role in making Cuhow what it is. Team roles may change this weekend and in the next few weeks due to the different the environment but right now this city needs our faith and our love and we all posses that in this church.

3. Thirdly, be ready. It is in times such as these that God makes moves the strongest. So we ask as a church that we be ready to respond in whatever way he needs us to in order to facilitate his move.

4. Fourthly, use wisdom. Though we will be stepping up all our cleaning efforts and giving air high fives along with elbow bumps we ask you to use your discretion wether to join us for service if you do not feel well. Again that is solely at your discretion. We are so, so grateful to have a team and a church like this one and we thank you so much for answering the call to serve each and every week especially at times such as these when our city needs us to.

5. Lastly, stay updated.  We will be doing our very best to communicate any updates via EMAIL, WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA. We asked the you check in with us daily to stay updated.


"For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7


We love you!

Pastor Ro & Lee

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