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Our Story

Our Story is a God Story, it’s HIS-Story!

Where we’ve been, where we’re going!

In June 2012, Pastor Rolando & Lisa along with 5 people met in the small living room of the Remedios’ household in Staten Island, New York. For 13 months our small community met together to pray, study the bible and dream for something amazing to take place.

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June 2012

July 2013

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As of May of 2017, CUHOW launched with an 11AM service and entered through the doors of our current location in the St. George area of Staten Island.  The John J. Driscoll School (P.S. 16) facilitates a seating capacity of 300+, a spacious CUHOW kids area that allows for multiple class rooms, a lobby and Cafe’ where our community can connect and fellowship.

In July 2013, Christ Uncensored launched their 1st public fellowship in Staten Island.  They began meeting at The Hope Center located in the South Beach area for a 4PM evening service. In 3 1/2 years, lives were changed, marriages were restored, people were baptized and the space that held a little over 80 chairs was filled to capacity. 

MAY 2017



Christ Uncensored has become the home to many families across Staten Island, NY. Today we have dozens of volunteers and a Pastoral Staff eager to serve the Staten Island Community. Though our story is still being written, we thank God for small beginnings and we’re looking forward to the Journey God has for our church family.

Our Core Values

our core values

We preach Jesus

“He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!” 

– Acts 28:31 (NIV)

Our message is Jesus Christ Uncensored.  What we share with others is a message of grace that is about a person.  What we preach will always be, “Faith, hope, and love are all found in Jesus Christ who is our Lord and Savior.”  Our bible points to a person, therefore we do the same. We are Jesus followers on a journey sharing about him with others.


“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

– John 13:34-35 (NIV)

God’s love for us enables us to love people, and love one another. We believe our light shines by the love we have for others.  Our goal is to change the world, starting with our city; loving one person at a time. Our heart goes out to all people because, our God loves all people. Love is our logo.

We serve with excellence

“But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also.” 

– 2 Corinthians 8:7 (ESV)

We believe that whatever God has called us to do, we will do it with the best of our ability and according to the grace given to us. From the Pastor to the Parking, and from the Ministers to Media, we are always striving to serve others with excellence.  We are prepared. We are focused. We are punctual.

We give generously

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”

– 2 Corinthians 9:6 (NIV)

Generosity begins with God, therefore we give generously.  We pray that we will lead the way in our city with the act of Grace that is giving.  When we give, we don’t hold back.  We will give of Our Time, Our Treasure & Our Talents.


“Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people the Father is out looking for: those who are simply and honestly themselves before him in their worship.”

– John 4:24 (MSG)

Worship is not simply an act or expression, it is our lifestyle.  When we go before God, it is not to impress God with the best version of ourselves, but the real version of ourselves.  Authenticity is choosing to be honest and open hearted before God. It is saying God here I am, just as I am.

we fellowship as community

“This makes for harmony among the members, so that all the members care for each other. If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the  parts are glad.”

– 1 Corinthians 12:25-27 (NLT)

Our goal is to see every person loved in such a way that they feel accepted, valued, and have a sense of belonging. We want you to know that you belong before you believe or behave. This is accomplished through intimate fellowship and community groups.

we cultivate a

culture of honor

“Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching  and teaching.”

– 1 Timothy 5:17 (ESV)

Accountability is part of being in community. We believe the best way to be accountable is by honoring one another.  We willingly choose to submit to each other and to those that God has placed as leaders, mentors and pastors in our lives.  We express our honor in words and in action. We believe we are honoring God by honoring our spiritual authority.

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