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2020 Summer Update

Update: 7.15.20

Blessings CUHOW!

Can you believe summer is here? 

Well it is, and we wanted to take a moment to give our CUHOW family some updates for the month of July & August.

As many of you know our city is reopening and many of us have been wondering, what does this look like for CUHOW.  

Covid-19, Quarantine & Social distancing has impacted us all in many different ways.  The spectrum ranges from some of us, not worried at all and would want nothing more than to reconvene in worship, all the way to to some of us feeling it's not quite time yet.

We understand, and we want you to know that we are seeking God in this situations, to do what's best for you and our entire church community.

At this present moment we believe it's best for us to continue our gathering's through church online via Youtube & Facebook Live for the month of July & August.  Currently, PS16's auditorium which has been our home for the last 3 years, has not reopened their doors to the public and this does play a role in our direction.  However, we also wanted to consider that kind of church experience we would have when we begin physically gathering again.  There would have to be precautions and procedures that would have to be taken in these early stages of our city reopening to have Sunday Service. 

We think it may be best for us to wait until after the summer to consider regathering where we would be able to facilitate the Sunday experience that we've known to love through out the years.

We thank you for your patience and trust during this time, in God, and in your church.  We Love you.

Love Is Our Logo,
Pastor Ro & Lee

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